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UK street legal adult electric motor scooter with seat. Great fun to ride and ideal for the short commute. Available in assorted colours. Fins are removable so you can change colour. Ultra-low battery charging cost £25-30 a year (1 pence per mile) No road tax required. Max speed of 28 mph (L1 category Moped). Range of up to 38 miles on a single battery charge. The Fatbee H1 can take 1, 2 or 3 batteries giving you a huge range. 2-year scooter warranty and 2-year battery warranty. Prices include VAT, DVLA registration, plates, tool-kit and a 60V/24Ah Lithium-Ion battery. Free* next-day delivery (within London /M25 or 50 miles from High Wycombe) otherwise, delivery charges apply (subject to your location.)

We are Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) members so you can buy with confidence!

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Road User Requirements

  • Speed: 29 mph/45 kph (max legal speed for L1 category)
  • Front Light: 18mm, wide beam.
  • Indicators (Flashers): Standard equipment.
  • Back Light: Large back (tail) light.
  • Rear-view mirrors: Standard equipment.
  • Double seat: Comfortable double saddle seat with place for a pillion passenger (pillion passenger has use of retractable foot pegs)
  • Horn: Standard equipment.
  • Forward or Reverse direction selector (easy to reverse in and out of motorcycle parking bays)
  • Digital speedometer: Illuminated digital display with speed, battery life indicator, milometer, Indicators-on, lights-on, etc.
  • Ignition Key: Quickstart and go!
  • Side stand: Incorporates an electronic cutout safety feature
  • Centre stand: The most secure way to park your Fatbee
  • Scooter colours – choose from eight colours but remember you can change over the fins (wheel-arches) for alternative colours
  • Electronic vehicle security alarm and immobiliser: Motion triggers a powerful security alarm and electronically immobilises the vehicle.
  • Vehicle lock (handlebars cannot be moved) (keys supplied)
  • Braking system: Standard hydraulic motorcycle disk brakes
  • Fatbee H12-year Vehicle Warranty: Warranty is subject to usage terms and conditions based on normal road-use.*
  • Fatbee H12-year Battery Warranty: Warranty is subject to usage terms and conditions based on normal road-use.**

*Note – Vehicle Warranty is 12 months for a commercial (business) use
** Note – Battery Warranty is 12 months for a commercial (business) use

  • Length: 1870mm
  • Width: 760mm
  • Height: 1120mm
  • Wheelbase: 1430mm
  • Weight :  70kg (including battery)
  • Engine: A pure electric engine featuring a brushless motor with 1.5Kw power output
  • Seating: 2 places (pillion rider can use the retractable foot pegs)
  • Seat height: 830mm
  • Braking system: Standard hydraulic motorcycle disk brakes

  • A powerful battery (removable): 60V/24Amp capacity Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • Battery Life: 1,000 cycles,  battery sold with a 2-year warranty.
  • Charge time: 6 – 8 hours (approx.)
  • Removable battery –  Remove the battery by its carry handle and charge at home or the office.
  • Range with a full charge with:
    • 1 battery:         20-25 miles* (30-40km) with 3 hours of continuous driving
    • 2** batteries:  25-50 miles*(40-80km)
    • 3** batteries:  50-70 miles*(80-110km)

*NOTE: – Battery yield is contingent upon prevailing road conditions (gradient), driving style plus the riders’ size and weight.
**NOTE:- Running on 2 or 3 batteries is seamless – no need to swap cables or compartments!

  • Charging Power Requirement: 60v x 24 Amp (plug into a UK /EU 220-240v domestic/home type
  • Battery compartment locations: 
    • Compartment 1 – under the seat saddle
    • Compartment 2 – behind the drivers’ legs
    • Compartment 3 – beneath the foot platform
  • Battery care – must be in accordance with Fatbee user manual

  • Dedicated Battery Charger
  • Keys provided
    • Electronic Alarm Immobiliser Fob (2)
    • Ignition Key (2)
    • Battery compartment 1 (2 keys)
    • Battery compartment 2 (2 keys)
    • Battery compartment 3 (2 keys)
  • Tool Kit
  • Fatbee H1/H3 user manual including battery maintenance
  • Price:
    • Fatbee H1 “On The Road Price” £2,249*
    • * Price includes DVLA registration and number plate
    • Free next-day delivery within London /M25 or 50 miles from High Wycombe otherwise, delivery charges apply (subject to your location)

Vehicle running costs are as follows:

  • Costs:   Single battery charging cost is approx. £20-30 per annum (subject to frequency of use)
  • Important information:   Pay attention to the periodic or routine vehicle and battery maintenance advice as directed in the Fatbee user manual

We have a complete inventory of parts; ensuring you’re back on the road pronto!

  • Our inventory includes replacement brake pads, shock absorbers, tyres, spare charger, alarm remote, mudguards/wings, and batteries through to components such as voltage regulators, complete brake systems, alarm remote, throttle switches and more.
  • All Fatbee H1 components available
  • All parts have a 12-month warranty
  • Call for prices
  • Same day dispatch


The DVLA has advised the following:

For vehicles that are “type approved” (EUWVTA) as “moped category” 50cc or below, the license category AM applies (see the reverse of your photo driving license).

  • For use on a public road, the rider of a moped would need either:
    • A full motorcycle licence (category A, A1 or A2)
    • A full moped licence (category AM)
    • A full car (category B) driving licence issued before 1 st  February 2001
    • A provisional moped or motorcycle licence validated by a current DL196
      certificate. The DL196 certificate is issued on successful completion of a
      compulsory basic training (CBT) course and lasts for two years.
  • For use on a public road a moped must have appropriate insurance, road tax and MOT (if applicable). ‘L’ plates are also required if the rider does not hold an appropriate full licence.
  • For use on a public road a moped rider (and a pillion passenger if carried) must wear a safety helmet which is fastened and meets one of the following specifications:
    • British Standard BS6658:1985 and carry the BSI kitemark
    • UN ECE Regulation 22.05
    • A European Economic Area member standard offering at least the same
      safety and protection as BS 6658:1985, and carry a mark equivalent to the
      BSI Kitemark.

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 187 × 76 × 112 mm
Fatbee Colour

Red, Black, Union Jack, White, Purple, Cherry, Blue, Green


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