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How to get CBT?

How do I get Compulsory Basic Training to become road legal?

On 23rd May we published an article on “licensing requirements” for new moped scooter riders however here is some further information.

For driver licenses issued before 1st Feb 2001 then there is no Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) requirement. Just obtain insurance and a compliant helmet type and start riding your moped or scooter (L1 category) immediately

However, if your driver’s license was issued after 1st February 2001 a CTB will be required by law.

The MCIA ( campaign “unlock your freedom” provides a smart pathway guide showing the necessary steps required to get onto the road

Alternatively there is a another website by which is somewhat more efficient in finding all CBT slots and prices for online booking for what seems to be all UK CBT centres.


A CBT costs about £150 although this varies from centre to centre and the training itself is normally in groups and will take 6-8 hours so set aside the entire day. We would encourage you to look over the details on the websites of your nearest motorcycle training centres.

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