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Fatbee H1 features in Lexham Insurance’s blog

Maeve Scott writes a wonderful piece in Lexham Insurance’s scooter blog about the Fatbee H1 which includes stunning photographs of the H1 scooter looking beautiful in black which happens to be Fatbee’s best selling colour in France! Take a peek at the article here and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate […]

Electric Motorcycles FAQ

Power outputs and licensing requirements Brett Tinkley of Lexham Insurance gives a FAQ on electric motorcycles in Lexham’s very useful blog that covers everything to do with two wheels.

Pre-CBT course

Ridefree provides free online DVSA pre-CBT training On 1st August 2020, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced the launch of “Ridefree” that comprises a free online training course moped and motorcycle riders should complete before taking a CBT. This provides valuable learning ahead of the CBT for those new to the road

How to get CBT?

How do I get Compulsory Basic Training to become road legal? On 23rd May we published an article on “licensing requirements” for new moped scooter riders however here is some further information. For driver licenses issued before 1st Feb 2001 then there is no Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) requirement. Just obtain insurance and a compliant […]

MCIA’s “isolated travel initiative.”

In the wake of Covid19, the Motorcycle Industry Association ( has launched a campaign to promote “isolation” as part of an everyday commute. The MCIA encourages isolation as the safest way to protect against Covid19 and the MICA’s campaign #unlockyourfreedom promotes the use of powered two-wheel vehicle travel in cities to achieve isolation and provides […]

Fatbee UK joins MCIA

European Origins Fatbee Scooter is headquartered in Marbella in Spain and has an international reach with sales in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, and the Caribbean. Fatbee’s UK business Post the UK Covid 19 knockdown, we believe it is important to reach our customers, have market intelligence and up to date guidance on the regulatory environment […]

“Go green” travel initiatives

Here are links to green travel initiatives in London and the UK which will be updated periodically.

Fatbee H1 – Avoid public transport.

As the UK Government urges the public to avoid public transport in the fight against Covid 19, what are the realistic alternatives for commuters? We believe it’s possible to have a win/win situation. Our video shows you how you can make it possible! Please share our video!

Electric Scooter running costs

What are the running costs of a UK road-legal category L1 electric scooter? What is a “scooter?” Moped category in law is a two or three* wheeled vehicle, having a maximum speed of 28 mph, maximum engine capacity 50cm3 or maximum power of 4kW. The rider must be aged 16 or over. ECWVTA Categories L1 […]

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