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About Us

Unlock your freedom

Fatbee UK is an online store focused on providing two and three-wheeled seated motor scooters to UK city, town, or beachside living customers seeking greater mobility.

We’re based between London’s West End and Buckinghamshire with HQ manufacturing and assembly facilities centered at Fatbee Internacional in Marbella, Spain.

We pride ourselves in modern iconic designed electric motorscooters and mopeds of the highest-quality, for individuals looking to discover innovative transport solutions.

We’re proud to serve a diverse range of customers across the UK and the rest of the world – from new Fatbee H1 scooter riders helping them slice their commute time and discover the world of economical travel to golf players (with a disability) enjoying using the X3 Golf Scooter.

MCIA “buy with confidence” scheme

Motor Cycle Industry Association logo

We are proud members of the Motorcycle Industry Association (see www.mcia.co.uk) which represents and oversees the interests of the motorcycle, scooter and Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry and helps maintain high standards for buyers. We participate in the “Buy With Confidence Programme” developed to provide a greater level of confidence for customers purchasing new mopeds, scooters and motorcycles from MCIA members. We also comply with the industry code of practice. Notwithstanding Fatbee’s two-year vehicle warranty and three-year battery warranty for customers.

Type Approval

The company’s DVLA approved road-legal Fatbee H1 has ECWVTA (European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval) “Type Approval” for Category L which is equivalent to 50cc powered two-wheeler. ECWVTA is a European wide approval necessary for vehicles to be allowed to be used on UK or EU roads.

Fatbee Iconic Style

Our scooters are crafted to perfection down to every technical detail and come in a range of standard or custom colour combinations at your command.

Our models depict the perfect blend of American motorcycle and moped influence – featuring trademark wide tyres and swept back handle-bars, 60V/24Ah lithium-ion batteries, premium speed and brake controls with seat saddle designed for two people.

We have no doubt that electric scooters will become the future of travel. No matter where you are, who you are, or what you do – we provide unique models suitable for everyone, with guaranteed timely delivery, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. Why not find your perfect model today?

Talk to our team now on 0203 239 1944 or 07803 894 888

FatbeeScooter Company Number: 9046076 VAT: 756221634