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The Fatbee H1 electric scooter riding over Marlow Bridge in Buckinghamshire

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Go from A to B your way with Fatbee H1 and Fatbee X3 Golf electric scooters. We offer sustainable transport services that protect the environment, save you money, and provide efficient mobility and commuting solutions with 200% fun. Find your UK street-legal electric motor scooter with help from our expert advisors today. The best place to find your Zero-emission vehicle (ZEV)


Why travel with an e-scooter?

Simply put, escooters or emopeds are a smarter way to travel. Not only can it cut time spent commuting, but it’s a much more environmentally friendly and efficient way to travel. All you need is your rucksack and you’re off! Pick the best routes, zip through traffic, and never be late to your meetings again and arrive in comfort!

The Fatbee H1 with trademark fat tyres sometimes called “phat” attract appreciative and “I want that” look from passers-by.

So unlock your freedom and get around town with a green, cost-effective option where the battery charging cost equates to about 1 penny a mile.

Whether you’re on the golf course or riding through the busy London streets – the benefits of electric mopeds are endless, and we’ve helped thousands of customers reap the benefits of seated scooters themselves.

It’s time to replace your polluting vehicle and travel in a revolutionary way!

Electric Motor Scooter Models

Electric Motor Scooter Benefits:

1. Reduce Your Commuting Time and Costs

The DVLA approved Fatbee H1 is fully UK road compliant so travelling from home to work is easy!

  • Slash your commute time
  • Save money
  • Zip through traffic

2. An Eco-Friendly Zero-Emission Vehicle

  • Go electric, save the planet. It’s as simple as that.
  • Made with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (up to 38-mile range)
  • A revolutionary way to travel 
  • Zero emissions = no road tax payable

3. Cool Design and ultra practical

Fatbees are engineered with strong steel frames combining comfort with safety in one.

  • Ride a newly-born icon and watch heads turn
  • Steer clear from snail-slow traffic
  • Practical, convenient commuting with 200% fun.


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